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Lash Extensions

At Bubbley Beauty Bar, we offer a range of lash extension styles tailored to each of our clients’ unique preferences. From classic to volume lashes, our experienced technicians are dedicated to creating a look that enhances your natural beauty.

We currently break down our pricing into two different categories: Junior and Senior Lash artist. Below is the differences between the two levels of artists that may help you to choose your Esthetician. Both are fabulous options with a different background.

Junior Stylist:

-Less than 2 years of experience

-May not be trained in all 3 styles of extensions

-Length of appointments may be longer due to less experience

Senior Stylist:

-2+ years of experience

-Trained in Classic, Hybrid and Volume

-Appointments may be shorter due to advance experience level


Lash Lift

Do you have full, naturally long lashes? If you answered yes, a lash lift is perfect for you! This treatment lasts about 4-6 weeks making it a perfect choice for clients who don't want to deal with the upkeep of lash extensions. 


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