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Lash Extensions

Wake up feeling fabulous with lash extensions. If you're looking to shorten your morning routine or have a special event right around the corner, lash extensions are for you! 

Services include:

Classic Lash Extensions

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Volume Lash Extensions


 Every person has different skin concerns and needs. This means that our skin is not 'one size fits all.' If you're unsure of the right treatment for you, proceed to our facial services menu for our descriptions.

Service Concerns Include:

Signature Facial





Waxing Services

Toss the razor and begin your wax journey with Bubbley Esthetics. Depending on your hair growth, consistently waxing an area every 4-6 weeks reduces hair growth and skips the razor burn.

Eyebrow: $15

Underarm: $22

Leg Wax: $55

Bikini Wax: $40

Brazilian Wax (Female Only): $60

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