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What's All The Fuss About Skin Types?

When we look in the mirror every day there’s typically something we’re trying to cover or to hide. (Although you shouldn’t, you’re beautiful!) What if I told you that knowing more about our skin type will help you to better understand what you should be doing for your skin?

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Victoria, I already know what I need! I need these blackheads to go away or my skin to stop flaking!’ But this is exactly why knowing your skin type is so important.

What the heck even is a skin type?

There are four types of skin:

Normal, Oily, Dry, Combination

I promise you that it is more simple than it sounds. We are born with our skin type, however external and internal factors may affect how your skin looks or feels.

For example, imagine there is a client named Jane. Jane feels that her skin is oily, therefore she is using products that are aggressive and stripping the skin from its natural oils. Unfortunately, after analyzing Jane’s skin, she naturally has a dry skin type, but her skin is creating excess oil to combat the products that are disrupting her natural skin barrier. To better balance the oils in her skin, Jane needs to utilize different ingredients in her skincare.

*This is an example of what I have witnessed numerous times in the past. Before going to Esthetics school I even made the same mistakes! We don’t know until we’re taught, right?

How do we determine which type of skin you have?

This is where skin analysis comes into play. During any facial with Bubbley Esthetics (except for the Skin Tranquility service), I analyze your skin under my magnifying lamp and utilize the skincare consultation you fill out before your appointment.

Each skin type has different visual factors that help to determine which yours may be. Each person is different, but below are the basics of the four skin types:

Normal- smooth texture, fine pores, and well-balanced oil production

Oily- appears shiny, enlarged pores and may experience blackheads or blemishes

Dry- skin may be dull, flaking, and show the appearance of fine lines

Combination- both enlarged and fine pores, excessive oil production in the t-zone, possible flaking in surrounding areas

Each skin type needs different nutrients, skincare formulations, and active ingredients. With different seasons or internal factors, the needs for your skin may change. Determining your skin type is a key factor in deciding the best facial or skincare products for you.

I highly recommend seeking a skin care professional to help assist you with determining your skin type. We specialize in analyzing your skin and knowing what active ingredients are going to be most beneficial. Book a Bubbley Esthetics Signature Facial to find out more about your skin!


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